October 23, 2016

Natural Bison Meat


Any time of year is a great time to order Bison meat!

Kevin Off has a beautiful herd of Bison on his ranch Grande Island Bison just west of Del Norte. He sells bison steaks, burger, and roasts year round, and in any quantity.  The meat is very tasty, and his prices very reasonable!

  • Ground Bison                   $9.00/pound
  • Roasts                                $9.00/pound
  • Sirloin Steaks                   $10.00/pound
  • Rib-eye, T-bone Steaks  $16.00/pound    

Best thing to do is contact Kevin directly! … 719-657-3439

Or swing by his ranch!

892 County Road 14
Del Norte, CO 81132