We're proud to offer these convenient, nutritious, and delicious varieties of our grass-fed beef.

Orders are placed through our system for convenience, but all items must be picked up in either Del Norte or Durango.

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"We sure do enjoy the great tasting, quality beef  from you guys!  Thanks for all the work.  I'm thankful to have a wonderful, local resource with which to purchase healthy beef to nourish my family!"

"Had a Porterhouse Au Poivre last night with my French daughter.  She was very pleased!"

"As you know, I raised my own beef for many years and had to give it up when we downsized.  After having to go to retail grocers for commercial beef and then Whole Foods for grass fed beef, what a BARGAIN for the QUALITY your beef is! The beef has been great and I really appreciate knowing where our foods is coming from.  (The processor did a great job as well.)  Thanks for your dedication to healthy eating."

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